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Welcome To Oaklight.org, a site devoted to the Druid Path. Within the site you will find links to various Druid orders as well as articles and bits of recommended reading. This site was started by myself, David "Duir" Smith, in February 2008, and I would like to thank all those who have chosen to contribute to this site as well as those orders and individuals who have caused the growth in the study of Druidry as a whole.

Over the last 12 years or so I've had the chance to study Druidry and talk with many people from many different orders and I am even a member of 3 of them. I first joined the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids under the current chosen chief Phillip Carr-Gomm. After completing their course I branched out to join the ADF (Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship) founded by Rev. Isaac Bonewits and currently under the lead of Archdruid Rev. Skip Ellison, and I went on to join the AODA (Ancient Order of Druids in America) under the current leadership of Archdruid John Michael Greer. I have studied these particular methods and branches of druidry in the most depth but still read all articles and books I can find on the subject.

Aside from Druidry this site is also dedicated to its related studies (though most likely not all of them). These studies include but are not limited to Wicca, Faeries, Celtic Studies, Celtic Mythology, Magick, Wizardry, Herbalism, Stone Magick, Sacred Sites, Welsh Mythology, Spirituality and even travel. All the links will lead on to a world of information, and some to shops that will help to find books and tools to help you on your path. I wish you the best of luck in all your voyages either on this site or in the real world. I hope that you find this site informative and I welcome any questions, comments or complaints through the forums or the contact page so that I can make this site the best it can be.

Yours Under the Trees,

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Faerie Falls

The faeries fly round and round,
As water falls to the ground,
As the magic fills the air,
Pilgrims make their offerings to the fae,
Hoping and wishing with each passing day,
The pristine glen with ancient magic,
To mar this place would be tragic,
The beauty of the paradise moves my very soul,
Until I fell I've lost all control,

And am moved to sing along,
I can hear the words of the trees,
Carried on the cooling breeze,
My heart soars above the falls,
As deep within I hear the calls,
The call to peace,
And true release,
My eyes flood with tears,

The power of word

Words have power,
Words with emotion have greater power,
Everything is energy,
Energy is effected by words, emotion and thought.

Through Quantum physics, I have learned about the studies done where they found that you can change the formation of water molecules or photons by a deep concentration of emotion and a word. Just writing the word on the bottle will transform millions of tiny particals.

With a word, one can make a person feel bad about themselves, and with one word you can make a person's light shine so bright you'll need to pull them back down to earth.

Alban Eiler/Ostara Egg Meditation

(This is a meditation I wrote for my Druid Grove's Alban Eiler ceremony right before these words are spoke by the ritual leader hard boiled eggs are handed to each person. Try the meditation out it is a nice feeling meditation that really can help open your mind.)

Thank you for these gifts. Let us now take the time to quiet ourselves.

Let us close our eyes. Become aware of your breathing. In and out, the air cooling as it goes in, In and Out, the air gently warmed as it goes out.

My Musings on Sacred Sites

To anyone who sits and listens intently with his or her very soul, no matter where in the world he or she might be, he or she hears the call deep inside leading him or her to those ancient magical places. These special sacred spaces, whether known to many, such as Stonehenge, or known to only a guarded few, seem to call forth to those who would tune themselves to nature, and quiet themselves and hear nature’s song. The sacred Earth guides them to these places and gives special blessings to their rites.

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